“Intelligence is an instrument of conflict. It consists of words, numbers, images, suggestions, appraisals, incitements. It consists also of truths that enlighten or mislead, or of outright falsehoods. Because it is immaterial, intelligence cannot wound. But its use has led to the killing or saving of millions”.
–Professor Angelo Codevilla*

On a bitterly cold night in December 1980, an intrepid group of Military Intelligence operatives clandestinely parachuted behind the infamous ‘Iron Curtain’ into Czechoslovakia. Their high stakes espionage mission which was fraught with nightmarish danger from the outset, swiftly   descends into a situation of deadly deception, treachery, a heart wrenching personal tragedy, and ultimately a fight for survival and escape. However, the ruthlessly protected secrets of 1980 tenaciously reach forward through time and lead to unforeseen dramatic events in 2012 and 2013, and ultimately to a truly perilous cliffhanging confrontation in early 2018.

Beginning on Monday 23 July 2018 the ‘A Secret To Die For’ (ASTDF) Feature Film Blog will be launched and updated initially on a bi-weekly basis, with conversational news about the movie project not suited for coverage on the more technical ‘Production News’ page of this web site.


*Dr. Angelo Codevilla is Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University, and formerly U.S. Navy Officer, Staff Member of the Select   Committee on Intelligence of the United States Senate. From ‘Airpower Journal’ Winter 1993 USAF Maxwell AFB, ‘The Art of Intelligence by the General’, ‘Principals’ Chapter, Edited by Col Gary D. Payton, USAF (career Intelligence Officer), Professor Angelo M. Codevilla is the author of numerous books including: ‘Informing Statecraft: Intelligence For A New Century’, New York: Free Press, Published 1992, ISBN 0029119154, LCCN 91046172.